About Our Company

Jerico Chandler started working in the roofing trade in July of 1976. He began by shingling houses around the San Francisco Bay Area. He specialized in composition, wood shingles, wood shakes, and tar and gravel roofs. Three years after entering the trade, he started his own company and Jerico Chandler Roofing was born.

Shortly after creating his new business, Jerico began to offer additional gutter installation to his customers. In 1985, he made the decision to move his family and business to Lodi,CA, seeking the peacefulness of the valley to raise his children in after many years of the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area.

In 1988, Jerico bought his first seamless gutter machine and started hanging seamless gutters. Since seamless gutter machines were then a rarity, he would carry a picture of the machine with him to explain to potential customers how it worked. The seamless gutter machine became an overwhelming success, so the next natural step was to invest in a metal roofing panel machine toexpand his roofing and sheet metal business.

Along the way, Jerico got his general contractors license. He built several houses and duplexes. For the last thirteen years, JC Roofing has been operating under the name Ace High Roofing and Seamless Gutters, focusing mainly on seamless gutters and metal roofing. In 2010, Jerico Chandler decided to pursue a new business direction and has given over the reigns of his successful company to his best employee and son, Errol Chandler.

Errol Chandler started working with his father during the summer of 1997. Like his father, he spent his first three years with the company installing various types of roofs. By early 2000, Errol began to work almost exclusively on gutters and other sheet metal projects. Within a very short time, he mastered all the custom cuts and angles. He had found his niche and loved bending metal to make something beautiful in which he could be proud. He became his father’s right hand man. Jerico knew that if his son was on the job, it would be done right.

Confident that his son would continue to uphold the family business, Jericho entrusted Errol with his contractor’s license, which has been active and in good standing for over 30 years. When you hire Chandler Gutters and Metal Roofing, you can feel confident that Errol will maintain the high standard of quality and professionalism that you would expect to find in a second-generation master crafted metal man.